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My Path

About me

I'm Marina Bucco, artist, I started to take the path of artistic creation in 2015 thanks to the painting workshops of a Haitian artist Tatis. I was far from imagining then where it would take me.

Through encounters and travels, I have nurtured my creativity and continued to give it more and more space. My training in Art Therapy in 2018 marked a turning point: my life was linked to this vital need to create. Added to this was the desire to share it by allowing others to reconnect to this part of themselves, to find their voice/way.  

This initiatory path was above all that of an inner exploration, of an encounter with oneself, of a reconnection to one's own freedom and spiritual depth, of a return to inner peace and to the desire to color our lives with this poetic vision. That is why I propose workshops to allow you to live this experience.



My mission is to accompany you towards the revelation of your potential or the best of yourself through your creativity. I seek to transmit an autonomous practice so that each one can find his own way, in this companionship, our voices will be the echoes of these transformations.


Our creativity reconnects us to the present, to the depths of ourselves, to our childlike soul, to our dreams by letting emotions, sensations, images, words take hold of us.

Art, as well as all forms of expression, are the key to our change towards harmony and peace, putting the human being back in his role as explorer, healer, creator.


Art is a medium available to all, as we all have a creative talent lying dormant. I deeply believe that art is a means to elevate humanity towards a more just and luminous world.

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