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Artistic creations

Since 2018, I have been registered as an artist-author. You can follow my artistic creations under the artist nameMarina Di Luce via social networks and consult my creations available for sale onBalthasart,Saatchiart AndEtsy.


- Production of textiles, new collection

- Solo exhibition Art installation with textile creations

- Scenography, decoration, atmosphere for events - design, creation of staging and layout of scenographic type space (with fabrics, lamps, objects) for events, festivals, bars, restaurants and hotels, etc.

marina di luce - fabrics with various textures .jpeg

Artistic research and mediums

Arts : Art installation - textile art - painting - images - performance - videos - poetry.

Main themes : movements and spaces - interculturality and interconnection - unconscious images, mental and collective memories.

-My CV

- Portfolio available - on request

marina di luce-untitle_2021.jpg

Exhibitions and artistic residencies

Exhibitions :

- Online Exhibition 'Rhythms & Patterns', Balthazart, August-September 2023

- Group exhibition Assisi Exhibition 2021 (September 23 - 26), La Loggia Assisi Art Gallery, Italy, September 2021

- Threads of Fredoom" (September 15-30), Techné Berlin, Germany, September 2021.

Residential homes :

- Art Residency, Arte Studio Ginestrelle Assisi, Italy October 2021

- Artistic residency, coGalleries Berlin, Germany, from August 2020 to September 2020

- Sculpture and modeling, L’Atelier de sculpture Nantes, France.

marina di luce-untitle_2021.jpg

'Feeling the emotions and sensations while traveling worldwide and translating it with fabrics is my way to transcend what came through me with a bit of poetry.'

- Installation with textiles, sculpture and images: "Women & spaces" project, artistic residency, Co Galleries Berlin, mixing media with visual art (August - September 2020).

- Books: Poetic travel inspirations (2015-2020), Le Lys Bleu Editions,travel poetry books by MaNo

- Visual art :visual art and poetry, 2017, No Man's Land Collective (MaNo & LN): "What is the precise moment when reality turned into unreal, reality into dream?" Quote from Kundera, (in French).

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